About Us

We exist to love and lead people into an authentic, life-changing relationship with Jesus. We believe that God is our refuge, and in His presence we find hope, healing and strength. Here are our core values:
Reach unbelievers with the Gospel of Jesus Christ; as the Bible instructs us, we believe this is done through:
  • GOING outside the church walls to minister and serve (Mark 16:15)
  • LOVING people without reservation, and without judgement (John 15:12)
Educate and disciple believers; as the Bible instructs us, we believe this is done through:
  • a. SCRIPTURE-based teaching, available to all ages through regular services and through programs/classes (2 Timothy 3:16).
  • b. WORSHIP that is Holy Spirit-filled and aimed solely at leading the congregation into the presence of God (John 4:24).
Inspire and perpetuate a church “family” environment:
  • No one should do life alone; we are created to be a part of a community – a body – a FAMILY (Hebrews 10:24-25).
  • Part of being a believer is loving and supporting other believers, and RELATIONSHIPS are a priority for us at Refuge Church.
Seek a Spirit-led revival in our community!
  • This is a unique part of our mission – but something that we hold dear.
  • We believe that Refuge Church is a part of something bigger than us. The world doesn’t need just another “status-quo” church – and that’s not what we feel God has called us to be.
  • We want to see God move and work in whatever way He sees fit, and we believe that salvation and miracles are for today.
  • We want to see revival be sparked in our community!