What To Expect

We are thrilled that you are considering a visit to Refuge Church! While you’re here, you can expect to find a warm, loving atmosphere – full of people who love without judgement and are cheering you on. Feel free to wear whatever you’re comfortable in- you’ll see people dressed in Sunday dresses and sport coats, but you’ll also see them in jeans and tshirts; we believe that God looks at your heart either way.

Make sure to check out Refuge Kids for your children who are ages 3-11, or our nursery for any infants. In the main service, you can expect to hear upbeat, contemporary and popular worship songs, as well as reverent worship songs- we believe that worship is a pivotal part of our service, not for the “show”, but because it prepares our hearts to hear from God and receive His Word.

You’ll likely see a variety of expressions of worship, including hand raising, clapping, crying and speaking in other tongues. We encourage an outward praise, as is Biblical, however it is not required; again, we believe that God sees your heart.

Next, you’ll hear a sermon from our Pastor – one that has been labored and prayed over and lovingly prepared. We believe that you’ll find the scriptures and delivery to be relevant to your life and an encouragement to you in your personal walk with God.

At the end of most services, you can expect an “altar call” – this is a time where our family of believers leaves their seats and meets together at our altars to pray for one another. Whatever you need from God, you are welcome to join us during this time, and rest assured that you’ll not be alone. We are here to support you!

When you leave a Refuge service, we pray that you have had an experience with Jesus Christ, and that you feel different than when you entered.